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Things I will miss most about León!

June 12th, 2012 secain13

I am currently sitting here in my room, finally finished with all my exams and papers, thinking about the amazing year that I’ve had and questioning myself how it’s possible that I only have 4 days left here in León. Even though two of the other HC students have already left, it’s still hard to believe that this experience is coming to a close. I thought it would be appropriate to compile a list of my favorite things about León, and Spain in general. So, here goes:

My friends and host mom– The thing that I will definitely miss most about my year abroad will definitely be the people that I have met here. I consider myself so lucky to have gotten so close with my group of friends and I am absolutely certain that we will be keeping in touch and seeing each other in the future. Not only have I been able to become close with some people from León, but I’ve also gotten to know a lot of different international students in my time here. I’m also really going to miss my host madre, she’s provided me with a home away from home and made this experience so much easier for me. My experience here would be nowhere nearly as great without the people that I have met here!

The culture/way of life– In general, people here are more laid back and take time to enjoy themselves instead of getting caught up with work. Spaniards definitely know how relax and enjoy themselves and never seem to be in a hurry. While the whole not being in a hurry thing can be somewhat frustrating at times, it’s really nice to see people who are not constantly stressed out about work, and instead take the time to enjoy themselves.

Tapas (and Spanish food in general)-This is definitely one of the things I will miss most about Spain. I’ve absolutely loved going to tapas with friends and I have established my absolute favorite places to go. Not only are the tapas delicious, but it’s also a great way to spend time with friends. It’s a great environment seeing people of all ages in the bars, enjoying each other’s company. You go from place to place trying out the typical tapas of each bar, which are free when you buy a drink. (5 euro per person for dinner and drinks really isn’t a bad deal if you ask me!). As for the food, I have already prepared a bunch of my favorite Spanish recipes that I will be making in the US. Even though I once considered myself a picky eater, I find myself eating a little bit of everything now!

Being able to travel to a new country on the weekend- It’s been absolutely amazing how much I have been able to travel in the past year. I have seen 10 different countries with friends and have also had the opportunity to travel all throughout Spain with other international students thanks to the university trips. I had no idea that I would be able to do so much travelling in the past year; it’s been incredible and has really made me more independent and responsible. I now feel pretty comfortable in an airport, navigating any map, or tackling public transportation!

The Cathedral-I will definitely miss walking by the amazing Cathedral of León on a daily basis. There’s so much history behind it and it dates back to the 13th century. Seeing it illuminated at night is absolutely breathtaking and there’s certainly nothing like it back in the US!

Walking everywhere– For the most part, people walk from place to place within the city. León is so small that it is pretty easy to walk from one side of the city to another. Many people here don’t even have their own cars or drivers’ licenses. Not only is it a healthier approach, but you also get to see the beauty of the city and the rich history everywhere as you walk from place to place.

The Nightlife– Spain is known for its nightlife culture and it’s something I will definitely miss. For example, the espichas, or parties at the university that occur on Thursdays are something very unique to León. Students start to gather outside the university buildings in the afternoon and in the evening, they migrate to a huge tent with music on campus. I also can’t go without mentioning the Barrio Húmedo, where the streets are filled with people until the early hours of the morning. There are tons of different types of bars and surely there’s a place for everyone. There’s absolutely nothing like topping off a night of going out like having churros and chocolate at 6am!

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